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Two years ago, we started by working with researchers from 18 of the top 20 business schools around the world. Today, our products are deployed at global organizations.

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Our data driven care continuum platform

Enable continuous advancements in the quality of care with our interoperable
data lake that provides access to an advanced care loop.

Bring all your data together

With our Pre-built Integration engines to 30+ Healthcare Systems bring your data from Claims, Billing, and EHRs to our interoperable data lake to look at holistic population trends.

EMR Systems
Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, NextGen, Practice Fusion, eClinicalWorks, McKesson
Medicare, Private Payers
Billing and Practice Management Systems
Epic, NextGen, eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Athena Health, Greenway, AllScripts
Financial/HR Systems
SAP, Oracle

Understand your patients better

Patient 360 module gives access to all the information within the system on all the patients. It identifies and matches patient records across different data sources such as - EMR systems, claims, billing, ADTs etc. Get access details like

Our Interoperable Data Lake has disparate Data from numerous sources in an organized structure, to help you access important information like Medical History of all your patients, Social Determinants, Risk scores, gaps in care, Disease Registries and various Care Opportunities

Identify Care gaps

With our highly advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics tools identify risks that patients face based on their historical and broader population trends.

  • - Patient health continually assessed
  • - Adherence to treatment plan tracked
  • - Preferences, needs and behavior considered
  • - Trends Analysis

Performance and Reporting

Drilled Down Contract Performance

Track your network’s performance over time for every measure on the contracts drilled down to facilities/provider level. With just claims data know your Past performance within days and drill down to provider level from aggregate. Besides this, track real-time performance with pre-adjudicated claims

Quality Reporting

Improve the Quality metrics and cost per episode of care with predictive analytics.Through our inbuilt reporting frameworks for PQRS, HEDIS, GPRO etc. understand value based performance at the regional, hospital, and patient level.

Coordinate care through "automagic" interventions

Through application of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and "automagic" text, email and scheduler systems, give your nursing and health coach staff the power to take care of your patients better.

D-PHM comes with a mobile app and a web portal to enable patient engagement and education along with some fun and healthy tips.

Powering you to a Value-based future with the Care Intelligence System for healthcare

October 4th – 6th, 2017 • Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C

Meet us at NAACOS
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